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            This personalized program is for either high school students entering into their junior or senior year of high school who are planning to attending a 4-year university by the fall of the year they graduate high school OR college transfer students currently attending a 2-year program and transferring to a 4-year university*. We specialize in all aspects of mentoring the student through their final year(s) of high school and community college programs. 
   - create unique opportunities to develop leadership and communication skills
    - expand on student's community service and extra-curricular activities
    - support student's academic opportunities and course choices 
    - explore various majors and career interests
    - explore various universities to find 'good match' schools to apply at
    - assistance with the college application process for private and public schools
    - assistance with university-based scholarships and financial aid opportunities
    - support the creative process in topic development and writing personal statement and             supplemental essays
    - support in using AI as a tool to assist students as needed 
    - guidance and practice with interview techniques and etiquette 
    - information and creative options for 'gap year' if requested
    - support carried forward for freshman year of college as needed 

SPECIAL WINTER 2023-24 BONUS: All participating students will be offered the            HIGHLANDS ABILITIES ASSESSMENT Valued at $450!

* NOTESpace in this program is limited to 10 students annually due its personalized and comprehensive nature. You may request to place a deposit on account as early as summer prior to freshman year to secure a space for your student. 
ADD-ON: NCAA Athletic Recruiting Package for high school and community college athletes

           This personalized program is for undergraduate college students within one year of graduating, and/or students who have already graduated with an undergraduate degree and wanting to apply to graduate school to achieve their Master's degree or PhD. 
   - mentoring with program exploration based on long-term career goals
    - ​assistance with school selection
    - assistance with various components of application
    - support with editing of personal statements and essays
    - support with editing of resume and extracurricular/research documents
    - guidance and practice with interview techniques and etiquette

            What is your dream job? How can I make it a reality? What are my beliefs that hold me back from getting what I want? In this personalized one-on-one coaching program, we will work with you on identifying the quality of life you desire...the career path you wish to be on...the abundance of income that can be available to you...and the overall life you wish to live. 
​    - Identify short & long-term outcomes regarding career pathway & personal development              skills,
    - Identify repetitive patterns, communications styles and behaviors that keep you stuck and         from getting the dream job you desire,
    - Understand the relationship between Beliefs and Identity and how to positively shift         perspectives,
    - Learn tools and strategies through experiential exercises and action steps that help you create
        new positive beliefs and habits to support getting the job you dream of,
    - Develop mindfulness practices to enhance emotional intelligence and support breakthroughs         and new outcomes
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