The StepAhead College Connection program has been providing a variety of opportunities to high school and college transfer students for over 18 years. Success has been seen by the level of acceptances and merit based scholarships which are offered to our students from universities around the country. Such schools include:

StepAhead specializes in supporting students whose goal is to attend a private university. 
​Two of the most amazing benefits of working with us are the incredible acceptance rates and the generous scholarships offered by many private schools. 

MAKING THE CHOICE! Our clients typically apply to 12-14 universities that are 'good fit' schools and have a 94% acceptance rate! This provides students with CHOICES...and an attitude shift! We show our students how to search out which school is worth investing their time and money in, rather than being at the mercy of waiting for a school to accept them.  

EVERY PENNY COUNTS! The average merit scholarship offered to our students for private universities is $26,000 annually guaranteed for 4 years if the student keeps a minimum 3.0GPA, which equates to over $100,000 over the four years. In addition, we help many low and middle income families get additional financial support directly from the university through university grants to supplement the cost of attendance, as well as state and federal grants and student loans. 


The Gates Millennium Scholars Scholarship - value $600,000+ (student’s total expenses are covered through a PhD degree at any university accepted at). Student graduated from UC Berkeley majoring in Political Rhetoric, minor in Journalism. He has completed his graduate work at UC Berkeley in Political Science.  

University of San Diego - Value $230,000 (full tuition and expenses paid for over 4 years of college). Student is attending University of San Diego in San Diego, CA and majoring in Engineering. She  currently completed her graduate program in Aeronautical and Electrical Engineering at Denver University and recently was offered her dream job at an aerospace company in Colorado Springs.

Saint Mary’s Scholarship - Value $165,000 (distributed over 4 years). Student attended Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, CA and majored in Sports Management. He is currently working at Nike headquarters just outside of Portland, OR as a team member in the R&D department with a starting salary of $124,000 plus a full benefit package.

John Greenleaf Whittier Scholars Award - Value $124,000 (distributed over 4 years). Student attended Whittier College in Whittier, CA and majored in a new cutting-edge self-created degree in a combination of  Applied Psychology & Behavioral Economics.  She continued on to achieve her Masters degree in Nutrition and entered into her dream job as the lead Educational Nutritionist for the State of Texas Elementary School Districts following graduation. 

The Emory Scholar - Value $114,000 (covers expenses and tuition for junior and senior year, including a study abroad program). Student attended Emory University in Atlanta, GA and majored in History with a minor in music.  She got into her dream job as a museum curator at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC.

University of Puget Sound President's Award - Value $108,000 (distributed over 4 years). Student  attended University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA and majoring in Computer Science with a focus in Artificial Intelligence. He is currently working at The Grove Collective in San Francisco with a starting salary of $165,000

Regis Achievement Award- Value $92,000 (distributed over 4 years). Student attended Regis University in Denver, CO and majoring in Communications with a minor in Business Marketing and Environmental Science. Following graduation he got his dream job of working for  Aviator Nation located in Venice Beach, CA heading up and developing the new festival venue marketing program. During Covid, the festival circuits shut down so he left Aviator Nation and applied to a variety of MBA graduate programs of which he was accepted at 6 out of 8 programs. He chose to attend University of Colorado, Boulder and just graduated this May 2023. 

University of San Francisco, CA  
Santa Clara University, CA  
University of the Pacific, CA  
Westmont College, CA
University of California/Berkeley, CA  
University of California/Davis, CA
Loyola Marymount University, CA  
University of Southern California, CA
Chapman University, CA  
Stanford University, CA
Saint Mary's College, CA
Point Loma University, CA
University of San Diego, CA
University of Dublin (Ireland)
Oxford University (England)
Princeton University, NJ
Regis University, CO 
Dartmouth University, NH
Brown University, RI
Cornell University, NY
Denver University, CO 
Northwestern University, IL 
Boston University, MA
Boston College, MA 
Georgetown University, D.C.
Lehigh University, PA 
Emory University, GA
University of Portland, OR 
Gonzaga University, WA
University of Pennsylvania, PA

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